Cardwell Sportfishing Club Inc, (CSC) formed in 1967, was a founding member of the Australian National Sportfishing Association (ANSA) – an Australia wide organisation dedicated to the sustainability and conservation of fisheries management, while providing a family oriented base for leisure and lifestyle.

Also established in 1967, ANSA was based in Cardwell and Cairns. Three years later, in 1970, the Queensland Branch was formed and the Cardwell Sportfishing Club featured prominently in formulating the guidelines and creed that all clubs in Qld and throughout Australia still follow – and as our local population has never exceeded 1500, we pride ourselves in being the oldest sporting club in Cardwell while continuing to be an active and important component of ANSA.

For the last 45 years, our motto has been “Sport, Conservation, Integrity” – whereby the sport of fishing fostered integrity and honour, while encompassing the important aspect of conservation of the sport we hope to pass onto future generations. We have done this through working with fisheries management with self-imposed bag limits, legal lengths and a tagging program that is held in the highest esteem by fisheries managers and biologists, researchers, development programmers and junior development officers.

The driving force behind the Cardwell Sportfishing Club and ANSA in the formative years (and many many years hence) is Cardwell resident, Mr Vic McCristal. As a revered figure among the fishing fraternity, Vic is also a writer of books that have attracted anglers from all over the world to visit Cardwell to take advantage of the natural fishing environment and our local beauty. In 1986 he was awarded the Order of Australia for his contribution to Sportfishing. The late Eric Moller, another of the founding members of Cardwell Sportfishing Club, was the first life member of ANSA.

The “Eric Moller Award” is the most prestigious award bestowed on an individual by ANSA Queensland for dedication to fishing within the ANSA ethics and fostering the ANSA ideals. Four of our current members have received the ANSA Qld Eric Moller award. Cardwell Sportfishing Club Inc also has three past Presidents of ANSA Qld.

They are: Vic McCristal who also became the National President

Marina Hoare and Jeff Snell

Jeff Snell  

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